Lake City, Michigan
Tuesday – Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


Don’t just Join the Chamber, Belong.

Becoming a member of the Chamber is just the beginning. As the primary voice of business in our city, the Chamber mobilizes members to promote and drive important initiatives that benefit our region’s business environment. We encourage you to join a committee and add your voice to the growing business community in Missaukee County.

Events & Program Committee – The signature event committee helps to plan the 3 annual events including Greatest Fourth, Festival of the Pines
and Membership Banquet. This committee is responsible for choosing entertainment and event logistics.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee is responsible for actively recruiting new members, developing strategies for reaching
prospective members, and assisting staff with the development of membership leads. This committee will focus on maximize individual memberships and benefits for being part of the Lake City Area Chamber of Commerce.

Economic Development Committee – helping to advance ideas, and strengthen business development through interaction with city and
county officials. This committee will work with local Realtors and come up with ideas for helping to educate potential business owners of
opportunities to start a business and utilize the empty buildings and store fronts. The focus on this committee will be to help grow and transform Missaukee County as a place for people to live, work, visit and achieve success.

Community Action Committee – working to raise awareness of the non-profits, club’s ad groups in the area and helping to address those needs by connecting Chambers Business and residents to individual organizations. A major task of this committee will focus on share news, events and
coming up with ideas to let organization “tell their story”. A major project will be working with area organizations and coming up with an event to
focus on “love thy neighborhood” to included local businesses, contractors, residents through volunteer and in-kind donations and hours.

Personnel Committee – Including Chamber staff retention, training opportunities for development, Board planning and training to work towards maintaining the integrity and intentions of the By-Laws.

Grounds & Re-Development Committee – Working with contractors accepting bids for the upstairs storage unit to be converted into living space for on-going revenue source. Also, to look at opportunities for land to rent for festival events, markets etc. throughout the year.

The Lake City Area Chamber of Commerce is needing members of the community to step forward and play an active role in the development and growth of our county. The Board of Directors and Committees are supported through volunteer dedication and commitment through donating time, energy and experience.

The present staff includes 1 full time and 2 part time employees and can not do the necessary Chamber requirements plus take on the annual festivals and events. This is where our community needs to take action and be an active part of the town they love and want to be successful. It will take everyone working together to achieve the small town where everyone can thrive, grow and be successful!