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Ebels Heating & Cooling

Ebels Heating & Cooling

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Ebels Heating & Cooling

Ebels Heating provides service and installation for all types of heating and cooling systems and specializes in the area of alternative heat sources.

  We feel the future of heating and cooling systems will be based on equipment other than traditional gas and oil-fired forced air systems commonly installed today. Even though current gas-fired equipment can reach well over 90% efficiency, the long term or "life cycle" cost of traditional fuels far exceeds other alternatives that are available today.

   Many times traditional fuel-burning equipment is selected based only on a "cheapest to install" basis and there is no doubt that they are. We feel that part of our job is to help customers understand the options available that do not lock them into the ever-increasing cost of traditional fuels.

  For some structures, traditional fuels will still be the best choice, for others, a nontraditional heating or cooling system will provide superior comfort, lower operating costs and many times a combination of both.

  We can help you make an informed choice regarding what is best for you.

  Please give us a call and let us help you find the best method to heat and cool your residence, shop, farm or workplace.


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